HI THERE, my name is Ragnar Þór Valgeirsson (rthor on the www). I create internet related awesomeness. For open source projects, check out my GitHub- or CodePen profile.

I’m one of the two co-founders of Ylgur ehf. which is a web development company based in Iceland. Our goal at Ylgur is to create innovative products for the browser, may it be consumer websites or web applications that change your life. Really!

My programming language of choice is JavaScript (JS) as everything related to it makes me smile—even the ugly parts. I’m a frontend developer and so my focus is directed towards user experience and interface design. Now that Node.js is getting so brilliant, I can even do server side stuff with JS! But sometimes other languages are required, then I default to php.

I’m an artsy guy at heart with a passion for graphic design, good movies and even greater music. If you want to hear what I’ve got to say then I’m an infrequent blogger but I also tweet like a bird.

And if you want my resumé, here is my Linked-in profile.